Vegetation Description and Data Analysis

Rating: Martin Kent. 2012. Vegetation Description and Data Analysis: A practical Approach. 2e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 471 49093 7 In writing reviews it is best to keep some professional distance; to report what the book tries to say and reflect on the quality and suitability in light of the academic field and competing texts. This is the first and probably only time I will break this rule, just at the outset. This is the second edition of a remarkable […]

Practical Field Ecology

Rating: C Philip Wheater, James R Bell and Penny A Cook. 2011. Practical Field Ecology: A project guide. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 470 69429 9. Thinking back years (probably more than I should admit to!), I remember that despite all the interest ecology could engender in students in class, it was out in the field that the real work took place. Working in woodlands, ponds, streams and even on the sides of mountains in blinding snow it was there […]

Geostatistics Explained

Rating: Steve McKillup and Melinda Darby Dyar. 2010. Geostatistics Explained: An Introductory Guide for Earth Scientists. Cambridge University Press. ISBN978 0 521 74656 4 We might be living in an era of increased data but that does not mean that we are all equally at home with even fundamental statistics. Those who have tried to work through field experiments in ecology or environmental science will attest to the issues involved so any attempt to reduce this must be welcome (the […]