Everyone’s supposed to have one and now this is mine! I’m an ecological and environmental science researcher and educator (or should that be the other way around) who started helping people find information when letters and telephones were all the rage. It developed into annual talks, committees and finally, newsletters. A change of hemisphere and technology landed this work onto the internet were it became a website of sorts focussing on book reviews, as before, but adding websites and other information. Now, thanks to more updates it’s a blog as well so I can add  snippets of ideas and information as they occur.

I was going to call this place  ‘intersection’ because it came at a time in my work when it was clear that ecology, education and technology were coming together in my life  and that these three pretty much dominated what I was doing. But, I’d written a book a few years before called Environmental Biogeography which got called EcoGeog for short and the site was born and I pretty much left it like that. If you’re here you can join in a dialogue on these three outstanding areas of concern and maybe we can spread light.

This site gathers ideas  from around the world focussing on the interaction between ecology, technology and education. The ecology side comes from collaboration with the British Ecological Society where the author has been a book reviewer for over 20 years specialising in highlighting the best in ecology texts for students. To this can be added the personal interest in computers and technology and a growing use at work in the principles and practice of e-learning in particular and education in general. These three areas have been increasingly coming together in my mind, hence the idea of this blog/review/education site was born and the idea of an intersection was created. The original work was limited to book reviews and the creation of website lists; now it’s possible to add far more comment and to discuss the ways in which science and education are being brought together.

This is an exciting time for all three areas. Ecology is now a mainstream item in public comment with the BES providing a strong lead. Public awareness of topics like climate change is considerable but that does always translate to good understanding. Computers have come such a long way since their introduction in British schools in 1979. As they became more common, and the internet developed in the 1990s, it became clear that there was a need for some good websites to be gathered. So, these two items became the staple of the original site (which still exists as an archive). If these two have opened up our environmental knowledge then it’s the presence of computer-based learning (and particularly e-learning) that have driven it further forward. Just as the original site offered information and guidance , now this site aims to highlight important ideas and concepts through the blog.

Please join in this expedition. It’s very clear that we need more discussion about these issues and this is what this site aims to provide.