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Our World in Data

Our World in Data – far from it being difficult to find data, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer mass of material available. This site seeks to make understanding slightly simpler by creating a series of visualizations.

The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project – a bold programme by the National Geographic Society to map genetic distributions and aid our understanding of human migrations.


The Plantlist – a collaboration between two botanical gardens to create a comprehensive index of vascular plants and bryophytes.

Climate Feedback

Climate feedback – is a website dedicated to addressing the issues created by reporting climate change issues. From their website: Climate Feedback organizes scientists from around the world to comment on the accuracy of a variety of climate change media articles using the emerging technology of web annotation. Scientists’ comments, or ‘annotations’ are layered directly onto the original texts allowing readers to easily identify where and why the coverage is consistent (or inconsistent) with state-of-the-art thinking and knowledge in climate […]

Map of Life

Map of Life – one of the issues in biodiversity education is finding useful sources of data to engage interest. This site aims to aggregate data on species and their distribution to make instant resources available. Even better, it has a mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom – now that there are an increasing number of revised curricula that require students to learn outside the classroom, this organisation has sprung up to help.   From their website: ” Incorporated in December 2008, the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom formally assumed responsibility and leadership for learning outside the classroom from the [then] Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) on the 1st April 2009. The premise of LOtC has been supported […]

ONS – Environment

ONS – Environment – The Office of National Statistics has a vast range of data available if you can find it, online. One useful resource is their Compendium – 4 sections of basic UK data. This link is the environment one.

Natural Capital Committee

Natural Capital Committee – set up to advise the UK government on the sustainable use of natural resources. Set up in 2012, following the release of the Government White Paper on “The Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature. ” There are also updates to this.

Global Ocean Commission

Global Ocean Commission – the commission is a body set up by a the Pew Trust, Somerville College and other leading research organisations. It’s chief aim is to research issues affecting oceans and publish results. It’s work appears closely aligned to the timetable of the UN in producing reports about the high seas. Issues include climate change and overfishing.


IES, The EU “Institute for Environment and Sustainability” is one of the major parts of the EU system.  It’s part of a wider system called the Joint Research Centre whose objective is to provide quality research to the EU. There are extensive, if specialised, resources available.