Re-strategising the library

wells Libraries – amazing places! The whole world in a compact room (OK, maybe not if your library is the British Library or similar, but you get the drift). At a time when the demand for information skills has never been higher, most libraries are under threat. Why? Maybe the very thing that defines the library – its books – also constrains any new views about it. All is not lost. It’s possible to re-invent both the library and the librarian! This is neither trivial nor and overnight accomplishment but, with planning, it can be done. One of my work functions is to be head of a library and, in consultation with my librarian, I’ve tried to find a way to re-invigorate the place.

One result of this work is the opportunity of addressing educators at a massive conference on educational innovation. As part of this, I promised to put my presentation and background strategy paper online:

Positioning the library (background)

inspire innovate 2015 library (presentation)

I’ll get back to this page after I’ve spoken to record my thoughts.


Postscript! The talk seemed to go well. Aside from the ideas of how to grow a dynamic and purposeful library, there were a couple of points that have drawn me back to thinking more about this:

  • the idea of a strategy to make strategies! The layout wasn’t random. I started with a clear view of how to proceed. Given that libraries have no “right” to exist in schools the same way subjects do, I needed to find a sure-fire way of crafting an impregnable case. Leading with literature reviews and taking the best from that has certainly paid of (and it’s the third one I’ve done this way);
  • that our place wasn’t on its own. Many librarians seem to want to present their best case and their best work. I got quite a few people coming up and asking more. Hopefully, this will enable me to expand the reach from a single presentation outwards!

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